It seems as if even a sunrise could lose it’s luster over time,
That is if the sunrise ever had luster for you,
You see it as just another thing in life,
If you ever see it at all.

I walk into the room and nothing is the only thing that happens,
As if I had vanished into the abyss,
As if I existed as only a figment of my imagination,
If I had ever existed at all.

That is unless I strike the cord of an angry instrument,
To sing the song that dampens the best of times,
To harmonize that which is never really harmony at all,
We keep what is nothing as something and treat something as nothing.

To leave that alone which need be shared,
To leave that which should be alone tied to the whipping post,
We bait and switch and switch to bait,
To create that passion from where none should be.


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