When we drill for oil in your backyard…

It will be great, kids playing on oil derricks, finger painting in good, clean crude. Maybe the “oil rink” will replace the “ice rink” for playtime, and instead of “Spongebob” we can let them watch “Oil Pad Pete”, a new cartoon about how clean the environment is around oil drilling sites. It should be a BLAST!!

“Who lives in the landfill at the end of the street…Oil Pad Pete!”…I can hear the song already being sung by a bastion of toddlers.

Wait, I get it, it is alright to destroy the environment as long as you CAN’T SEE IT being destroyed. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Typical conservative philosophy, live hypocritically and never, EVER let the left hand know what the right is doing.

This oil discussion is like talking about prohibition with a drunk. These conservatives, all addicted to their money and precious debt ridden way of life need more of the black tar that keeps them going. Without oil, conservatives lose their power base (look at the only segment of our economy flourishing right now, it just so happens to be the segment that got the BUSH’s their wealth. Imagine that.)

So now the price of “black tar” (oil) has skyrocketed because the suppliers cannot meet the demand of the users. Rather than seek help for their addiction, the users will do ANYTHING to get more…more…more. Meanwhile, the “dealers” (aka big oil and their politician friends) are rolling in dough…laughing all the way to their local money launderer’s house…loving the fact that the addicts just can’t get enough.

Oh, and the addicts, well they keep their dealers in power. After all, what’s a hooker without her pimp or an addict without his dealer? The value is in making sure YOUR dealer is the one in control.

Well, I hope conservatives are willing to kill to ruin more of our environment for oil, because there are certainly vast segments of our population not addicted to money or oil willing to die for it. It will be interesting to see what legacy we leave our children, one based on acting like the Chinese in our addicted frenzy for more, or one where we actually lead the world again.


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