Paradox – A Q & A session

Is the anger I hate in others
The part of me I hate about myself?
The reflection of years of agony
Found in the depths of the time and space of memory?

I must end the noise,
Relish in the stillness of all that is,
Bask in the glow of Eternal Love,
The Love that unites all things to all things.

Is the mistrust I have of others
The part of me I mistrust about myself?
Do I doubt the ground on which I walk
Because of the tremors of doubt I feel in me?

To have such faith
That all is as it should be is a great gift unto itself,
Even if all is not how I wish,
To let go of the wish – that is life eternal.

Is the pain I inflict on others
The part of me that begs to hurt?
Do the daggers in each hand I carry,
Only look to cut those parts of me I wish to throw away?

To release – to let go,
To feel the sting of love
As it soothes and cleans those wounds bound by time and dignity,
That is the best of all I am.

Is the wish to conquer others,
The part of me I seek to defeat in myself?
The part that begs to end
The essence of pain, of the eternal search for more?

Victory is not in who wins,
But in who loses because he NEED NOT play the game?
In knowing the difference
He has set himself free from both.

Is the part of nature I cannot stand
The part I miss the most?
What part of us seeks to divide
The spirit of all from that which is?

It is in missing those things,
The nature of all that seems to irritate that which we find within ourselves,
For it is not the comfort that we seek that sustains,
But the understanding of all that gives us life.


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