The Different Day – Written 5/14/08

What is different about this day
That is different from all the rest?
The heat of the sun?
No – the sun has been this warm before.
The relief of the breeze as it blows strongly on my face?
No – my skin has tasted this breeze before.
The speed by which time passes by?
No – I have forgotten seconds often in my life.

Perhaps all that has changed is that this is
This day
Not yesterday, or tomorrow,
But this day
Full of promise – full of the truth that this moment
Provides in it’s certainty.
Perhaps it is that I do not take this moment for granted,
That I can hear the birds sing, and the silence that allows it to be.
Perhaps I can see the day in all it’s glory,
And the darkness that gives the day its birth.
Perhaps it is that I can feel this moment, and know that it holds me
in its grasp,
And I know that I am right where I belong.


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