The Gift

Last night I had a dream.

We were singing and laughing and playing and talking,
Just like we used to.
We were special, we were together, just like we were so long ago.

A special feeling came over me, just like it used to when we were together.
I realized that although I wasn’t always aware of this feeling,
It was always there in our moments together.

I awoke, and I realized that you were gone.
You had left us and moved on, and a wave of sadness fell over me.
I cried, as I had rarely cried before, for I had lost a piece of me.
And then I realized something…

That special feeling was still there, like a warm light it calmed me.
I smiled through my tears, and reached out for you in my heart.
I felt you, I touched you, and the songs and the joy and the memories returned, just liked they used to be.
I also realized that you may have left us as we are,
But you never really left us at all. You are right were you are supposed to be.
And while I have lost you in this world, I have found you in my heart,
and there is no better place for either of us to be.

In time we may meet again, and we will laugh and sing just as we are this very moment.
We will talk and I will thank you for this gift.
The gift of seeing each moment I share with those I love just a bit clearer,
Of cherishing those moments just a bit more.
Of listening to the songs of my children just a bit more intently,
Of holding the love I have inside of me just a little less tightly, and in enjoying
those moments of silence where my heart can feel it all over again.


One thought on “The Gift

  1. Jeff Myers says:

    >You're a gifted writer. Sounds like you're hurting. I'll remember you when I pray.Go With God!!!Jeff

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