You keep what you think is your right-
The bull whip for which you can crease my soul-
and i tell you, that you are doomed to fail,
for divided though i may be, i have never been broken.

You may taunt me with your idiocy,
Spurn me with my own desire, haunt me with my own past,
and i tell you that you have no strength over me
for that which you try to beat me with has lost it’s sting.

It has lost it’s sting, it has lost it’s power,
it no longer casts a shadow over me, it no longer chills me to the bone,
for i have the past scars from those who have tried – and failed,
and you offer nothing that i do not give you as weaponry i have not seen before.

Take heart, i am here of choice, not of necessity,
i do not wish to part, although i do strongly wish to live,
i do strongly wish to see the morrow, to feel it touch me on the brow,
but i do not wish to be a slave to the torment in which you try to imprison me.

So take it, or leave it, but do so all the same,
for time is too fleeting to waste it on nothingness.
Either crush the moment with sureness, or crush it with insecurity,
but crush it all the same, as this moment is all we will ever be sure to have.

Take this hand, take it forever, or take it not,
and take it not forever, but do so all the same,
for the hesitation is prison unto itself, an unnecessary waste of this moment,
A waste that can never be refunded, or returned.


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