Some thing out of no thing…

This early morning dawn,
Brings some thing out of no thing,
Echoes songs of love, songs of God
Throughout limited time left eternal in the promise of tomorrow.

The boundaries of the flesh,
Brings some thing out of no thing,
As the gift of my soul in flight
Allows my weary bones to find daylight in the darkness of night.

The hand I feel in mine,
Brings some thing out of no thing,
The hope that springs from deep within
Fills the need for forgiveness found in the depths of sin.

Lord, allow me to share
What I am,
No thing from some thing,
Some thing from no thing,
Allow me to feel the warmth inside the presence of cold,
Allow me to see the light in the pits of darkness.
Allow me to hear the music in Your dawn’s early light,
Allow me to smell the green earth beneath my feet
And allow me to taste the nectar of love from within the bitterness of hate.

Never allow me to feel so much that I can no longer feel,
or see so much as to blind me,
Never allow me to hear so much as to forget to listen,
or to smell the sweet in such abundance as I cannot recall the sour.

And Lord,
Your humble servant begs of you, never allow me to become so accustomed to the sweet nectar of love as to not hunger for more. Never allow me to forget the pangs of such hunger, as to not offer this meal to others.


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